Corporate Social Responsibility


“Scoala altfel” / “Alternative School”

The “Scoala altfel” / “Alternative School” program contributes to the development of learning competence and socio-emotional skills among pre-school pupils and children by including educational activities, such as: transdisciplinary learning and learning by experience.

The program is innovative and designed in partnership with students, parents, institutions, non-governmental organizations and / or economic agents and is based on the findings of recent research and best practices in the field of education.

Considering the constant care for the education of children in our generation, Dafora organized the program by inviting the 3rd grade from the Hermann Oberth School in Medias. The program “Scoala altfel” / “Alternative School” will offer the pupils the opportunity to get acquainted with the drilling activities.


Little carol singers

In expectation of the winter holidays, Dafora is very pleased to receive the little carol singers from No. 15 Kindergarten in Medias.