The company offers onshore drilling services for oil, gas, and geothermal water. We also do well testing and provide transport and maintenance services for drilling equipment primarily in Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, France, Ukraine, Hungary), the Middle East (Israel) and Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Mozambique).


We entered the French geothermal market in 2005 with a contract for the local Council.

Between 2005 and 2012 we were active with 2,000 HP and 3,000 HP rigs in Bulgaria and Ukraine.

We drilled 8 wells between 2.000 m and 4.700 m depth.

In 2013 we completed the first exploration well in Hungary. We drilled a well which reached a depth of over 2,000 m. This was carried out with a modern and competitive rig on international market. 


As expansion in the international market represents one of our strategic developments, in 2012 we signed two long-term contracts with major operators (Givot Olam Oil Ltd. and Globe Exploration Ltd.) for drilling operations in Israel.

The first two wells reached depths of 5,100 m and 6,000 m and were drilled with 400 To rigs accepted by MODUSPEC in ensuring the operational integrity of the drilling assets.


We took our first step into the international drilling market in 2002 when we drilled the first well in Uganda for Heritage Oil & Gas.

Later, the contract and operation portfolio expanded with other contracts in the Southern part of Africa in countries such as Tanzania, Sudan and Mozambique for reputable oil operators.

We have drilled 14 wells up to 4,000 m depth.